Keeping your PC free from useless files that clutter your system is near impossible – given the amount of downloaded programs and internet browsing that takes place in modern day life. It’s not just clutter we need to worry about either; it’s the harmful malware and other viruses that we need to be on the lookout for as well. Everyday people are having their personal information stolen from their computers because of spyware and viruses alike. Removing these files from your PC is not only important for the performance of your computer, but the safeness of your privacy, too.

Reimage DownloadAre you looking to:

  • Speed up the performance of your PC?
  • Remove dangerous files from your hard-drive?
  • Protect your private information?
  • Reduce Window’s errors?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then you need to consider trying the Reimage PC repair software. Want to know why? Read on!

What Is Reimage?

The first thing you need to know about Reimage is that it is NOT virus protection software. Reimage is software that focuses on removing corrupted and damaged files from your PC. These are the type of files that can clog your PC up and cause its performance to drop. Although Reimage isn’t designed to prevent viruses from infecting your computer, it is designed to help remove the lingering presence of them.

Reimage has been labelled ‘the all in one solution’ to PC health – and for good reason too. The software comes with a vast amount of features that will help any PC owner benefit from. Whether you are looking to speed your PC’s performance up or repair crashes and screen freezes; Reimage is the only software you need.

The process in which Reimage works is simple and can be summed up in three simple steps:

  1. Reimage scans your entire system for bad files
  2. Reimage displays its results
  3. Reimage fixes those bad files from your PC, allowing for better performance.

The Reimage database consists of over 25 million updated components that are used to replace corrupted or damaged files that the software finds.

Reimage Benefits

Let’s take a quick look at how your PC can benefit from using the Reimage software. First and foremost, let’s take a look at what the Reimage software can fix.

Window’s errors

We have all encountered Window’s errors at some point in our life. These errors are frustrating and can cause us to lose important information and work. The longer than you continue to ignore such errors, the more damage will happen to your PC. Somewhere on your PC is a file or files that are causing these errors to happen. You could search for the files manually, but this could take hours. The best solution of fixing Window’s errors is by using the Reimage software. Reimage quickly finds the problematic files and fixes them, allowing for much smoother performance.

The blue screen of death

Given the name of the problem, you would have to assume it’s a bad one – and it is. This type of error is usually caused by a fatal system crash. When this happens, you can lose files that you are currently working on and even cause damage to other files on your hard-drive. In order to prevent this critical error from occurring, Reimage finds the problematic files and fixes them so you don’t encounter the blue screen of death again.


One of the most common problems with owning a PC is the freezing. Constant freezes or lagging can cause severe irritation and can cause you to lose value time when working on your computer. These freezes don’t just happen out of awkwardness. Over time, your PC has accumulated a tonne of corrupted files that collectively bring down the performance of your PC and cause it to crash and freeze more frequently. Reimage finds these files, fixes then and allows you to operate your PC easier, with no freezes.


Although Reimage doesn’t protect your PC from incoming viruses, it does help get rid of the problems that viruses leave behind. Even after your anti-virus software has removed the problem, there are still files left behind that can affect the health of your PC. The Reimage software scans your computer for those files and helps to fix them so your computer can run the way it used to.

Protect your privacy

Malware can come in many different forms. Either way, they are dangerous toward the health of your computer. A lot of malware is accidently downloaded online and can lead to third parties gaining access to private information stored on your hard-drive.

To help protect your privacy, Reimage helps detect such malware as:

  • Spyware
  • Computer viruses
  • Crimeware
  • Worms
  • Trojan horses
  • Many more

​As you can see, there are a vast amount of problems that Reimage can solve, which makes the software extremely valuable to any PC owner. With a huge data base of updated files that replace broken or damaged ones, you can expect to fix most of your PC problems using this software.

Downsides to Using Reimage

As with any type of software, Reimage does have a drawback or two – but nothing to get concerned about. The only problem that you may encounter with Reimage is the speed in which the program operates. During peak internet times, you may find that the web-based software downloads new components slowly, especially if you don’t have great internet connection.

The only other downside to Reimage would be the price. The total price amounts to over $50 which is more than most will be willing to pay for online based software. However, the features work extremely well, despite being slow at times making the software well worth the asking price and probably a lot more.

The software is actually extremely easy to use, and scanning your PC can only take a matter of minutes. The navigation is impressive and given that the software can dramatically improve the performance of your PC, the pros of this product massively outweigh the cons.

How Reimage Works: Screenshots

reimage scan 1

reimage scan 2

reimage scan 3

Should I Buy Reimage?

As with buying any new software to help your PC performance, you have to weigh up the pros and cons and base your decision upon that only. Given that the pros massively outweigh the cons of the Reimage software, it would seem that it’s a safe bet to make when purchasing this product.

Although the software runs through an online interface, it still has a lot of impressive features that can massively increase the performance of your PC. Although the whole idea of using online based software may seem a novelty, it doesn’t mean that it is, by any stretch of the imagination. There are other software out there that don’t come anywhere near the Reimage package, albeit at a lot cheaper prices or even free.

Overall, the software works and works very well when tidying up your PC health. If you need a quick fix to your performance issues, then this is a great option for you.

Reimage Download


Frustration can take a hundred thousand shapes when dealing with computers. PC Health Advisor

The system can freeze, or worse it can crash right in the middle of typing a document or playing a game. Once in a while, this is perhaps tolerable. However, regular crashes are unacceptable.

The system could flash to the infamous blue screen of death, and demand a reboot. No reason, no rhyme, just termination. Little is as frustrating as a software-related blue screen because it makes you, the user, feel helpless. Was there something you could have done to prevent this? Probably not, but some small part of the mind will believe that yes, there was something you could have done.

Pop-up error messages use cryptic codes and phrasing to communicate some kind of error. They seldom help. What do they mean? How can you repair the damage? How can you restore your system to equilibrium?

Faulty operating system components and registry inconsistencies can lead to a bad headache day. If these could be detected before they become a problem, then you, the user, could feel better about doing your part. Other complex appliances, like central air conditioners and refrigerators and furnaces, have pre-emptive maintenance suggestions. Regular steps which can be followed to ensure those appliances will continue working. Computers don’t seem to have this. When malware and malicious programs get that foothold and do their dastardly deeds, everything seems to fail at once.

Reimage is the software to have on hand. The kind you hope to never need, but appreciate in the times when you do. It can address all these issues and more. It can fix DLL system files. It can settle problems that arise with Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center. It can respond to several issues afflicting Windows Live Messenger.

Reimage might seem like a miracle worker, but it’s not. It is a rugged, rigid routine designed to help restore your system functionality. However, it has a few limitations. There are some things it cannot do.

The software is constantly updated, and the Reimage R&D team does a great job in devising and implementing improvements. However good the team is, Reimage will never be able to address every single problem under the sun. It’s designed to restore your system, not grant it a full rebirth.

Reimage cannot repair most third party programs installed on your computer. Now this is not to say these routines will never work again. Sometimes the issues are in the core windows programs alone. Performing a file transplant, replacing those damaged files with fresh copies, can sometimes result in all the symptoms disappearing. This is the best possible situation. However, if corruption has taken root in those third party programs, then Reimage will not be able to save them.

What does “third-party programs” mean?

These are programs you installed after installing the operating system. Examples follow.

Web browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome are made by completely different companies. Sure they are useful alternatives to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, but the latter program came as part of Windows.

Computers have made huge advances in allowing people to stay in touch despite long distances. AOL Instant Messenger and social media programs like Tweetdeck give us the opportunity to type to our friends or families. Skype lets us keep in visual and audio touch. Unfortunately each of these programs are third party routines.

AntiVirus programs come from third parties. iTunes is definitely from a third-party vendor, despite Apple being one of the most successful businesses in the world.

Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games like “World of Warcraft” or “City of Heroes” or “Lord of the Rings Online” or “Dungeons and Dragons Online” all count as third party programs.

Even Microsoft products can count as a third party programs. If they did not come with the core Windows operating system, then Reimage will not be able to help them. One example is: Microsoft Office for Windows, which is essential to most users. This program was sold separately from the Windows OS, so it is a third party program.


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